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After School Program 


Don’t ask what I teach, ask how I teach....


When asked, “what do you teach?” people expect a description of the program’s ESL curriculum or a list of subjects I plan to teach. However, I can’t really answer that question because I don’t teach a standardized curriculum. The way I learned to teach was very different from how teachers work here where they strive to get all students to reach the same standard using the same curriculum and materials. 


In my classroom, I start with an assessment. At TCK Connections, this intake assessment is what your registration fee covers. During this interview, students meet one-on-one with me, Ms. Webb to determine where they are academically and in overall communication skills and social development. And through speaking with the students and their grown-ups, we determine the goals these students have. For most, it’s more than just passing the next text or finishing this week’s homework. Students want the skills to be able to do these things independently the next time they are asked. So the curriculum I design for students helps them develop the skills they need to be independently successful at school on a daily basis.


The great thing about this strategy is that it can help any kid who is struggling to gain the skills to meet standards because they are struggling to find their place within a traditional classroom environment. Neurodivergent kids with atypical learning styles may also find the flexibility and individualised learning methods well suited to helping them develop skills that can help them be more comfortably authentic in their daily classes. 


As an added bonus, since each student isn’t doing the same thing, the traditional model for school where all kids need to be there at the same time is no longer relevant. This allows me to offer a program that is flexible and meets the needs of families whose lives don’t fit with traditional or consistent work schedules. I offer classes weekly during the school year on Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 9pm (I substitute teach on Fridays). Each week, parents can log on to the online system and choose or adjust the class times they wish to send the kids to for the upcoming week.


If this sounds like the program for you please join Third Culture Kids Connections.

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