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Who is Ms. Webb?

I was born and raised a prairie girl and on my 25th birthday I moved to South Korea to teach English for a year. More than 20 years later I moved back to Saskatoon, a fully qualified and experienced teacher. I primarily worked in schools that cater to international students from over 50 countries.


While substitute teaching around Saskatoon I saw how kids like my students back in South Korea are being underserved. My experience of living between cultures means I can help my TCK students in ways public education may struggle with.

Unique Teaching Style

I dived into teaching head-on, first teaching English in South Korea and then earning a Masters of Education online while actively teaching at the same time. Over the years, I honed my skills through professional development aimed at working with Third Culture Kids. 


Instead of pushing kids to reach curriculum standards that they are not ready for, I learned to meet kids where they were currently and help guide them to the next levels of learning, Taking small steps while building a classroom community where everyone feels safe to explore their academic, emotional, and social potential.


I am used to writing my own curriculum to engage student interests and target the skills they lack. I develop relationships and get to know students, building a trusting, mentoring relationship where I aim to help students grow into the best versions of themselves. At TCK Connections, I will use this curriculum development approach to guide students to reach their personal learning goals.


Kids who struggle to fit into the system thrive with teachers who are willing to take the time to give them the extra attention they need to feel confident in school and in life. Being in a fun, structured, and safe environment with other kids like you and an understanding teacher? That’s when real learning and growth can happen!

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"Hi! My name is Yeeun Kim, and I’m currently a student in Yonsei University. I met Ms. Webb when I was in third grade. Her class taught me more than just academics, it taught me how to look at the world. Take drama class, for example. In drama, I worked to overcome my shyness to at least look confident and eventually learned to actually be so. Class isn’t just lecture-based, either. It’s a discussion where I learned to take my curiosity and foster it. Now, I’ve heard that Ms. Webb has gone back to her hometown, Saskatoon, and is starting a summer camp. I was able to experience and learn so much during the time I was in her class, and I want to recommend this camp so that other students can taste this precious experience too. See you there!"

Yeeun Kim 

Previous student of Ms. Webb's 

My Experience


  • I was born and raised in Saskatoon, with 8 years of childhood in Humboldt.

  • Attended Saskatchewan public schools throughout my life.

  • I graduated from Walter Murray Collegiate Institute in 1993

  • I earned a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Saskatchewan

  • Extensive community leadership and volunteer experience during my youth.

  • President of the Arts & Science Students Union and Gays & Lesbians at the U of S.

  • Girl Guides of Canada - member for 12 years, including a year as a leader.


Overseas Experience:

  • I moved to South Korea in 2000 where I lived for 20 years.

  • Taught English for 6 years while earning a Masters in Education from the University of Phoenix.

  • Third grade teacher at 2 International schools, working with kids from all over the world.

  • Lead teacher, curriculum writer, and event planner for the elementary division of the school.

  • Travelled extensively throughout South East Asia and other parts of the world. 


Return to Canada: 

  • Worked as a substitute Educational Assistant in Saskatoon Public Schools.

  • Currently employed as a substitute teacher with Prairie Spirit School Division.

  • Professional A Certified Saskatchewan teacher, Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB).

  • First Aid & CPR certified. Licenced & insured small business. 

  • Created Third Culture Kids Connections in Spring 2023, evolved into WebbSprout in early 2024.

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Ms. Webb’s first summer job was at the original Homestead Ice Cream on Victoria. It seemed an appropriate location to hang the first poster advertising TCK Connections! 

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